Friday, October 22, 2010


I played basketball in Junior High and in High School. Because of this, and my weak ankles, to this day I still wear high-cut sneakers and like knee-high socks. I even wear executive length dress socks – this way the bare leg doesn’t show when you sit. It’s getting harder and harder to buy sports socks of this length.

When I was working, I would buy the knee high sports socks from the Bay. They had a pair for $8 but they were very nice. I would pick up a few with every paycheque. Then it got harder to find them. Shan had been able to find me some in Montreal before we were married.

There was a sports store from which I used to be able to buy some on our trips to Gencon. Each year I picked up a few packs and that would last me through to the next year. But after our second child, when Gencon moved out of Milwaukee, we stopped making the annual trip.

When we’re in the states, I pop in to the Super Walmart and Super Target and have picked up socks down there with varying success. The tube socks are often only long enough to come up to (or partially on) my calf – which means that they soon fall down off my calf.

This year, we stopped into Scheels when we were in Fargo. We’ve driven past them on the way to the Space Aliens restaurant for the last several years and always meant to pop in, but this year we did. Wow. It’s a two level sporting goods store, with an electronic firing range and a ferris wheel.

Plus they had the same brand of Wigwam tube socks that I used to buy from Milwaukee. At $17.99 for 7 pairs, I easily picked up two packs to tide me over until the next time we are down there. I was even happier to find out that they rang up at only $15 a pack.

Now I can start phasing out my older, shorter socks and start replenishing my stock of long ones. I am very pleased with this discovery. Even more so as there is a Scheels in both Fargo and Grand Forks – so I should be able to get these for a while.


Matt L. said...

I'm glad you were finally able to make it into our store. Thanks and we look forward to having you again soon!

Matt L.

David said...

Matt, thanks for the invite back. I am certainly looking forward to the next time we make it down. I'm sorry it took us so long to finally pop by.