Saturday, October 31, 2015

HC buying - finally back to working away at it.

Now that I am pretty caught up on 40K codices, I looked at picking up some Heroclix to complete some of the older sets. I usually keep an eye on Strikezone – as they have HC figures. I use them as a base price when I find figures on ebay or in person - if they are too much out of line, then I don't bother.

I was looking to fill in some of older sets and so I popped over to Strikezone. They were having a big sale on some of the older sets. This was great but it seemed that they were finally blowing out their stock of these older, pre-card sets. So I missed a good chance to get some of the ones I needed.

I was able to finish the KA2 set (except the chase figure), as well as Collateral Damage. I also picked up some more figures from a few of the other sets, bringing me even closer than I was.

I missed it from Strikezone but was able to get the remaining figures I needed to also complete the Pacific Rim set from an dealer on ebay from which I used to buy. This and the KA2 figures were the key ones that I wanted to complete right now. I'll have to start looking on ebay to work away at some of the other older sets.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Buying 40K for 40% off in Fargo

While in Fargo, we popped in to Paradox Comics. There wasn’t any new games that caught my eye but they did have some in their 40% off rack that did. I was able to pick up Bring Out Yer Dead, Assassinorum: Execution Force, and a Firefly RPG module. I also got a Necron Battleforce, and Imperial Knights datacards for the same 40% off. I was able to get into the back room again and get some more 40K books for 20% off. I picked up Cities of Death, Planetstrike, and Battle Missions, and a Necron Catacomb Command Barge. It seems like they are thinking about stop carrying Games Workshop so were willing to discount them. I could have picked up some more armies and codices but it the dollar being what it was, I could only bring back so much.