Monday, August 19, 2013

Passing on X-Wing

After teasing us several months ago, Tabletop finally showed their X-wing game session.  I had been hoping that it would be enough to push me over the edge to get this but I’m still not impressed enough.  

Of the WWI airplane games, I have played Dawn Patrol back in the day, and Canvas Eagles more recently - which I loved.  I have played and enjoyed the Wiz Kids Crimson Skies and have the rules for the FASA Crimson Skies.  I never got into Wings of War.  I know I flipped through the Ace of Aces books but can’t remember if we ever did play it.

Of the Star Wars ship games, we played and enjoyed a lot of the West End Games Starship Battles, and the Star Wars Starfighter Battlebooks back in the day.  We played the Full Thrust Star Wars from the Star Wars Gamer magazines, and I have a full set plus enough extras of the WOTC Star Wars miniatures Starship Battles to field all the combinations I could want (minus an extra ARC-170).   I looked forward to the WOTC version, played it a bunch with my son, and enjoy it enough to keep thinking about upsizing it to play at conventions. 
I’m certainly open to another Star Wars ship battle game but am not sure that the re-themed Wings of War version of X-Wing is the one for me.  Some friends have it so I will give it one final chance and actually play it before completely writing it off though.  What really does intrigue me about it though is the idea of comparing the stats from X-Wing to Wings of War to find the equivalent planes and then using that baseline to translate the ships into the Canvas Eagles format.  Now that I would be excited about.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Miniature painting total - finally, an update for 2013

After a long drought, I am finally updating my figure buying/painting total.  To no surprise, I’m not updating the painting total, but I did get some new figures.  Our friends at GC-Minis had a sale on last month and I picked up the new Warhammer 40,000 rulebook (6th edition) as well as the Dark Vengeance boxed set and Chaos Space Marine Codex.  

I was also able to get the Walking Dead Horde army men-sized figures.  All the local comic book stores were out but the wife found some at a pop culture store called Pylon.  While I have no immediate use for them, I know I can add them to the RWNN without too much trouble – when I get around to painting them, and making some buildings.

 So my new total for the year is as follows:

40K – Dark Vengeance boxed set - 48
Walking Dead horde – 14

July figures bought – 62, figures painted – 0
Running total 2013 – figures bought 62, figures painted 0