Monday, October 18, 2010

Hit-Girl update 4

Thursday I did a flurry of work on the staff. I used the screw-joint from a broom to allow it to separate. The pvc pipe I had around the house. I cut it to length and epoxied the screw-joint inside. I added the foam swords to the other ends and wrapped the entire in hockey tape for grip. The tip of the pvc that goes inside the join was colored with a sharpie.

A thinner pvc was used for the belt tubes. I had to dash out and get smaller diameter foam balls for the ends. These were hot glued to the ends and then painted pink. I though about just painting the pvc tubes but ended up using the contact cement to wrap them in vinyl. I didn't manage to finish them for the weekend.
I finished the other two belt pouches, and finished the belt and drew the design on the belt buckle with a sharpie.

The skirt that was a closer style was much too small to use with the pants. Instead we used the larger, more-inaccurately-styled skirt. It did not need to be dyed though.
I finished sewing the eyeholes for the mask, and sewed up a bow tie for D3 out of felt. I also added the tassel to his fez. I sewed the buttons to his pants for his suspenders.

Both costumes still have some work we can do on them, but both are also basically close enough that if we don't do anything else on them, they can be called finished.

Of course I will try to continue to add to them.
I'm going to try to add a tactical vest to the Hit-Girl costume and scratch build a newer model sonic screwdriver.

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