Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Renovations - Bathfitters - update

There were a few issues with the bathtub surround that we had done. Because we were under warranty we had Bathfitters come in to fix them. Some were so small as to not bother them but we had a few bigger ones so we had them fix them all.

Within days of being installed, one of the little plastic nubs to cushion the doors had fallen off – but I picked up a sheet of them and fixed that right away. One of the pull rings had been caught by the door and was very loose – they fixed that. The ceiling piece kept drooping down – they replaced the adhesive tape with a stronger tape. The divider for the doors popped off – they fixed that and now screwed it down. The one door often slides open and they also noticed some pitting around the tub door frame – they use a new frame and will replace that at another time.

Otherwise they were good about the repairs and we are again very happy. Once the roof is finally fixed, and we fix the ceilings, we may move and upgrade the fan and have them repair the hole. That will have to wait for now though.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mr Bond, I presume

Last year, Walmart had the James Bond Legacy packs on sale for $15 each. Each pack holds a mixture of 5 movies from the various Bonds. I had originally thought that these were a great deal when they had come down to $30 from the $50 they had started at but couldn’t justify the price at the time. At $15 they were too good to pass up – almost.

I snapped up the first two sets but didn’t have enough for all four sets right then. When I went back later that week for the last two – they were gone. The other Walmarts didn’t have any either. I kept checking but was unable to complete the set.

It turns out that they had pulled the sets back to the manufacturer so that they could make new sets for the 50th anniversary this year. So I had 10 movies and was missing 10 movies – not counting the new Daniel Craig films. I already had the old Casino Royale – with Peter Sellers and David Niven as well as Never Say Never Again with Sean Connery – neither of which count towards the main 20 films.

I was finally able to snag another 7 individual movies at Giant Tiger for $5 each a few weeks ago – leaving only You Only Live Twice, Moonraker, and Tomorrow Never Dies. Last weekend I picked up two of them marked down from $12.99 to $5 each at Best Buy leaving only the Moonraker – which I could truly do without. But while we were at the Real Canadian Superstore I checked the bins and found it for $7.49 – which normally would have been too much. Since it was the last one I needed though, I picked it up. This means that the last 10 movies cost me almost double what the first 10 did.

Now I just need to find some free time to sit done with the boy and watch them. Maybe I’ll try to dig out the old Victory Games James Bond 007 RPG and play him through the each movie before we watch them. He did say that he wanted to try some role playing games and the Victory Games ones have a great set of hand-outs.