Friday, October 8, 2010

Hit-Girl costume - status update

I'm woefully behind where I should be for this one. The main problem being that, even though we are three weeks out from Halloween, we also have events next weekend and the weekend afterward. With Thanksgiving being this weekend, it could be tight. I am off next week so I can devote some solid time to finishing this.

I popped into Dollarama last night and picked up some more supplies. I bought some black rubber gloves (not accurate but will do in a pinch), two foam sword (for staff), a broom (for staff), some styrofoam balls (possibly for belt tubes), some pink paint (for belt tubes), and some tiny plastic skull (unrelated to this costume).
I also found some bits that I can use to make a sonic screwdriver, if it comes to it.

We need to pop into Walmart tonight and get some black and purple broadcloth (for cape and mask), and maybe some thread. I'll try to pick up another wig as well. I had bought the longer one figuring I could use it to make it thicker but will try to get the smaller one so that I don't have to try to cut it. I can always use the longer one to upgrade it if I have time.

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