Friday, March 16, 2018

While waiting for the new Car Wars edition

We played a lot of Car Wars back in the day. I played from the original pocket box sets, through the bloated 4th edition. We spent a lot of time designing cars. We played at conventions and even ran races and arenas at conventions. I played through the Convoy solo adventure a few times. I still play the Car Wars Card game.
I even played the old video game on my Apple IIc.

Even though we don’t play as much anymore, I had picked up the 5th edition booklets when I found out about them and we actually played a game of it – upsized at WinCon.

We also played a bit of Games Workshop’s car game, Dark Future. I have Avalon Hill’s RoadKill but didn’t ever manage to play it. I never played Thunder Road but would pick it up if I find it.

There is a new version of Car Wars in the works which should be out shortly. I’ll most certainly pick it up when it comes out. I’m still in the target market for it.

In the meantime, I picked up Gaslands by Osprey. It seems very simple compared to Car Wars but still interesting enough to give it a try. I’ve already picked up some cars to use, and will need to make dice and templates before we can try it. It should be fun enough to keep us busy.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Figure Painting Total - February

I finally got a Bommerz over da Sulphur River. It only has 6 figures - planes, and 4 of those are Orks. I look forward to playing it. If it is even passable, I should be able to paint up the planes and get a few in the painted column.

I was also able to get my hands on two of the Games Workshop painting handles. I've heard good things about them, so anything that makes it easier for me to start actually getting some paint on the figures has got to be a good thing.

Bommerz over da Sulphur River – 6

Feb figures bought - 6, figures painted – 0

Running total 2018 – figures bought 6, figures painted 0

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Pokemon Go! -- level 25

I won a raffle for an ipad mini back in September. I don't use it for much, as I only use it with wifi. But I am playing some games on it. Pokémon Go is one of those games.

I joined team Mystic when I got the chance. My daughter, who had been playing since it launched up here, had joined team Instinct, and my wife is on Valor. They both have data plans on their phones so they are able to play it more than I, although my daughter isn't playing much anymore. My wife still plays to keep ahead of me.

I'm liking it enough to keep playing it to keep my streaks alive. Currently, I've only caught 164 separate Pokémon and seen 272. I've only used my coins to level up my bag and storage and can now hold 450 Pokémon and 400 items.

Are you guys still playing? What teams did you join?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wii Fit - finally 270

It took much longer than I thought it would, but I finally crossed the 270 pound mark. I had been close to it a few times, being sub 271, but was never quite able to drop enough to get below 270. I went up slightly with the trip to Disneyworld, had worked it down to almost 270 by the end of the year, and the spiked again with the holidays at the end of that year.

Last year I maintained a weight between 270 and 280 pretty steadily. I still haven't been exercising enough but have been aware of my portions. With the holiday eating from Christmas and New Year's, I started this year at slightly over 280.

Since then, I have been slowly losing weight again. I've been inspired by Penn Jillette's book Presto! about his weight loss. Not inspired enough to just eat potatoes, mind you. I still fluctuated a few pounds here and there, but finally got down to 269.6 pounds on Tuesday. So, I am a year behind, but am still going to try to push for a goal of 250 for the end of the year.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Heroclix Overview 2017

I kept up with the Fast Forces/Starter sets another year. I didn’t get any of the new sets with the exception of a few western figures from Elseworlds to use for some western skirmish games. The dollar wasn’t too bad, I didn’t start picking up any of the new 40K sets, but did pick up a lot of the Marvel and DC Universe Miniature figures as well as a bunch of the Batman miniature game from Knight Models.

I did pick up some Heroclix in batches and was able to complete three more old sets and two newer ones. I finished Armor Wars, Secret Invasion, Arkham Asylum, Kick-Ass 2, and AVX – Avengers VS X-Men.

I continued my focus on completing the older WizKids sets.

With the figures I’ve picked up, I am now close on Ultimates (0+3), Mutant Mayhem (3+2), Legacy (0+3), Origin (4+0), Mutations & Monsters (1/3), Crisis (0/2), Hammer of Thor (3/8), Brave and Bold (8/7) and Batman Classic TV (3), and TMNT (3+3).

I didn’t get any of the older larger figures. My line on the Foom (with pants) did not pan out. I still need Spectre, both green Fooms, and both of the Phoenixes, as well as the original Manhattan and Galactus. I did pick up the Ameridroid.

Neca only put out another 8 sets in 2017, and another 6 Fast Forces sets. I didn’t collect any of these sets. I still kept up with the Fast Forces sets.

I now need an unreachable 2262 heroclix figures. Even winning the lottery, that would be a real challenge to get. I now need 1265 Marvel figures and 900 DC figures. My REV total is now 1782 and my Unique/SuperRare total is 454 plus 26 Giant figures and 13 Team bases.
But I have come to an acceptance of it. Not being concerned about completing all the Neca sets of which I need 2241 figures (1774 REV and 441 Super Rares) and focusing on completing the old WizKids sets of which I now only need 21 figures (8 REV and 13 Uniques). I will still get a few Necas as available especially the Undead set, and then switch to some of the smaller Gravity Feed sets.

That should free up some money for Games Workshop sets.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Top Ten Games - 2017

I have put together my top 10 games for 2017. Note that these are games that I have played for the first time in 2017, not necessarily games that were released in 2017. With all the games that I already have, I got another 37 games plus expansions last year. Some were gifts, some were purchased at the thrift stores, and some were new.

The new games were: Batman Miniatures Suicide Squad, Blood Bowl (2016), Bob Ross: Art of Chill Game, DC Universe Miniature game, Dracula’s America, Five Points: Gangs of New York, India Rails, Iron Dragon, Iron Man 2: Game of War, Kill Team, Knightmare Chess 3rd Ed, Lanterns, Lost in R’lyeh, Lost Patrol, Mad Dogs With Guns, Marvel Universe Miniature game, Oddville, Pamplona: Viva San Fermin!, Perpetual Commotion, Risk Europe, Rogue Stars, Santorini, Shadows Over Camelot: the card game, Super Mario Bros. Power Up Card Game, Sushi Go Party, Zombies!!! 5, Zombies!!! 6, Zombies!!! 7, Zombies!!! 8, Zombies!!! 9, Zombies!!! X, Zombies!!! 11, Zombies!!! 12, Zooloretto.

The ones I picked up not new were: Bananagrams, Cathedral, Flames of War: The World War II Miniature Game, The Hunger Games: District 12 Strategy Game, Zombie Fluxx.

A lot of these did not hit the table this year. Some games from previous years were finally played.

Games that I played for the first time that did not make my list were:
Don’t Take My Word, Double Feature, Happy Salmon, Kittens in a Blender, Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown, Set, Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi – The Sarlacc Pit, Zombie Fluxx

13 – Zombie Run – has a Blind 31 feel to it. You have four face-down cards and you start by seeing two of them. You have to swaps cards out to try to get the lowest amount of zombies on your cards at the end of a round. The lowest score at the end of five rounds wins.

12 – Cars 2 Sorry Sliders: World Grand Prix Race Edition – a pretty simple flicking game. It works fine for younger kids as well as for adults.

11 – Sheriff of Nottingham – a bluffing game about smuggling goods in to the market. You don’t have to lie to win, but it is easier to win if you do lie at the right time.

10 – Sharp Shooters – an older Yahtzee-type dice game where you are trying to score points by finishing hands on cards. It seems to be a precursor to Roll For It!

9 - Dealer’s Choice – Despite being both heavily overproduced – with the blue books and the huge card holder, and having some of the cheapest paper money, this game still holds up surprisingly well. It represents buying used cars for your lot. The car values are very dated but the gameplay could be updated without too much trouble.

8 – Scotland Yard – one player plays Mister X and the rest of the players try to catch him based on his movements. They can see how he moves and occasionally get to see where he is. It is an older game but still holds up quite well. The logic trees in solving the location really appealed to me.

7 – Sushi Go Party – it is a larger version of Sushi Go! It has all the basic cards plus more cards for variations. While it is great with all the extra choices and the ability to play with up to xx people, it does require more setup time than the classic Sushi Go!

6 – Bob Ross: Art of Chill Game – A surprising good game. You have to try and mix paints to make the landscapes before Bob does. We played it with people who didn’t know Bob Ross and it still holds together. It plays just long enough to get the idea but not too long to become boring.

5 – Lanterns – You place tiles to match lanterns by color to get cards. You can cash in the card sets to get scoring tokens. It’s pretty easy to pick up, looks pretty, and has a nice light depth for the length of time it plays.

4 – Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game – You play as the villains and are trying to get enough resources to level up enough to win. Batman is a game mechanism that smacks you down. I like the way it plays. Our first play was a bit long but l am looking forward to trying it again.

3 – Lemonade Stand – similar to the old Apple II game. It has cute art and simple rules but it is a bit complex to start for such a short game.

2 - Pamplona: Viva San Fermin! – A quick game about running with the bulls. It looks like it should be quite simple but there is definitely something there. It is a bit confusing to start but by the second of the four heats you have most of the play down.

1 – Acquire – an old classic about buying stock in hotel chains that I was finally able to play. It still holds up well with strategy about which chains to merge and which stocks to buy and when to do both of those.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Figure Painting Total - Dec and 2017

I ended up getting Blood Bowl for Christmas. I also picked up some assorted Heroclix to use for Marvel Universe and some western games. I did not add those figures to my total as they were already painted and, if I don't paint them, they will go with my Heroclix totals.

My list for the year was:
BM Heath Ledger Joker – 1
BM Black Flash – 1
BM Suicide Squad Starter – 13
BM Affleck Batman – 1
BM – Objectives Game Markers - 4
BM – Watchmen – The Comedian – 1
BM – Watchmen – Rorschach – 1
BM – Watchmen – Silk Spectre – 1
BM – The Dynamic Duo – 2
BM Bat Signal – 1
BM Construction Set 2 – 11
BM GCPD van – 1
BM/DCU – Black Manta – 1
BM/DCU – Clayface – 1
BM/DCU – Deathstroke – 1
BM/DCU – Flash – 1
BM/DCU – Green Arrow – 1
BM/DCU – Harley Quinn – 1
BM/DCU – Hawkman – 1
BM/DCU – Killer Frost – 1
BM/DCU – Lobo – 1
BM/DCU – Professor Zoom – 1
BM/DCU – Ravager – 1
BM/DCU – Soloman Grundy – 1
DCU – Trinity – 3
GW The Lost Patrol – 17
GW – Kill Team – 23
MU – X-Men starter – 4
MU – Brotherhood of Evil Mutants starter – 4
MU – Guardians starter – 4
MU – Avengers starter – 4
MU – Dark Avengers starter – 4
MU – Deadpool – 1
MU – Gambit – 1
MU – Nightcrawler – 1
MU – Sabretooth – 1
MU – Groot – 1
MU – Nova – 1
MU – The Thing – 1
MU – Black Panther - 1
MU – Dr. Doom – 1
MU – Hawkeye – 1
MU – Vision – 1
MU – Emma Frost – 2
MU – Jean Grey – 1
SM/MU – Spider-Man – 1
SM/MU – Daredevil – 1
SM/MU – Green Goblin -1
SM/MU – Punisher – 1

Blood Bowl – 24

Dec figures bought - 24, figures painted – 0

Final total 2017 – figures bought 155, figures painted 0