Monday, October 11, 2010

Hit-Girl update 2

A head's up, the Walmarts up here finally have folded away their fabric departments. They had done this in the states a few years ago but they still had fabric up until a few weeks ago up here in Canada. Luckily we had found a new fabric place but they were always a great source of cheap patterns.

When we were at Shan's folks on the weekend, I cut out the pattern pieces to get them ready for my mom to sew. So that was three hours saved today in the sewing.

We got the pants sewed and most of the jacket put together. It's looking really nice at this point. There were a few issues with sewing the thickness of the vinyl, and the modification to the collar but it seems to be coming together nicely. We will need to finish up tomorrow night.
I even managed to sew together a passable fez on my second attempt. My first attempt is now proudly owned by my niece.

I still have to get some broadcloth for the cape and mask, some snaps for the collar/cape and pouches, as well as get a shorter wig. That's my goal for tomorrow.
I'd also like to start the pouches and do more work on the staff.

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