Thursday, November 26, 2015

Chicks dig the car, right?

Batman miniatures – cars. Scale . 1/43 1/50 I still have a bit of work to clean up my desk in order to make it usable for new projects – one of which is the Batman Miniature Game. Having read the rules, they seem interesting enough to try out. I will need scenery and figures. I can use Heroclix figures for proxies to see if the rules hold up enough to buy some of the stunning figures from Knight Models. I plan on getting a few of the scenery packs to get the scale and work from there.
I did pick up some of the Eaglemoss Batmobiles recently to use for the game. They make over 60 vehicles in this line – from batcycles, to the various standard models, to copters, boats, and villain vehicles. One of the dealers at C4 comicon had some on sale for $12 each or 3 for $30. I checked online to confirm the scale and picked out which ones would work for me.

The listed scale for the Knight Models figures is 35mm or 1:50. The Eaglemoss vehicles are listed as 1:43. 1:43 is a smaller scale than 1:50 so the cars will be a bit bigger than the figures. That should be fine - the slightly larger size should be absorbed by the bases on the figures. They also make a series of vehicles in the same scale for James Bond to fill up some of the streets.

For me, there are only about a dozen vehicles that would match what I think of as the Batmobile and would work for the miniature game.

1 - Batman movie - the first Keaton one. It's not my favorite Batmobile but it does resonate with a lot of people.
2 - Batman Classic TV Movie - the Barris one. It's ingrained in my psyche but I find the red markings a bit too showy.
3 - Batman Begins movie - the tumbler. I'm still not the biggest supporter but a lot of people are familiar with this one.
34 - Arkham Asylum video game - a street rod version. This also has familiarity for many.
40 - The Dark Knight Rises - the Bane tumbler. Same as 3 above but could be repainted black if can get cheaper that that model.
41 - Batman the Return - a beefy model - kind of a similar to the Arkham Asylum model. It has engine pipes, and 6 wheels.
61 - Batman: Noel - a bit more blocky and angular like a step towards the tumbler

There were also some that would also work but are not quite as good a match as the ones above.
8 - The animated series - I like the long sleek line on this one but it is a bit blank.
10 ~ Batman 311 - similar to a sportier Barris one but in blue.
19 ~ Detective Comics 371 - similar to the Barris one but a pale blue.
27 ~ Legends of the Dark Knight 156 - has 2 fins, the face, and red window.
29 ~ Detective comics 362 - It's similar to the TV series one but is all black and has a face on the front.

I ended up picking up three models – 29, 41, and 20 (which hadn't been on my list). 20 is from Batman 652 - it has 3 fins, the face in front, and is all black. I wasn't a fan of it online but it seems a good old version in person. I really would have like to pick up 34 - from the Arkham game or even a Tumbler but they did not have one.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

White Dwarf renewal

My six month subscription with White Dwarf is drawing to a close at the end of November. Since they used to need two full months for renewals, I called them at the beginning of Oct to renew but they were unable to add to my subscription at that point.

They could start a completely new subscription, and I could overlap for a month, but the rep was unable to extend my subscription early. He said to call back mid November and that would be enough time to catch it. He was pretty new though so I am hoping that this is a training issue rather than a new policy.

I called today and renewed the White Dwarf - not the Visions. There seemed to be no problems with extending my subscription. Hopefully it is all back to normal again.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Figure painting total - missed Jan and April

T thought that I had posted these already but it looks like I had left them as a draft.
Back in January, I had picked up 3 of the new sets of the Disney Fairies to add more figures to Fairy Meat. There are 7 figures in the set but I will leave one set unpainted.
In April, I had finally picked up the Warhammer: Island of Blood set. I figured that they were coming due for a new Warhammer set, so I figured that I would buy this as a placeholder. Plus it contains a large amount of cool figures as they usually do. As it turned out, this was the perfect time to buy it as the Age of Sigmar came out right afterwards.

Disney Fairies for Fairy Meat – 14
Warhammer – Island of Blood boxed set – 74

Running total 2015 Jan to Apr – figures bought 88, figures painted 0

Monday, November 9, 2015

Figure Paining Total - Oct

In October I picked up a bunch of figures on sale during holidays – some 40K figures - Necrons, plus the ones in the the Assassinorum: Execution Force board game (which has the same Chaos Cultists as in the 40K boxed set), and another Egyptian Cavalry box for Arcane Legions – which mostly contains the Nuetral Mongol riders.
Back in June I had also picked up the PVP edition of figures for the Frag game. I didn’t have it at the time, but since they were on 40% off I snapped them up. This helped to decide to pick up Frag in September.

To no surprise, painting still has not happened. But, since the wife is pushing to have that room cleaned, priority on that has moved up the list and may actually happen sooner. Once the desk is cleaned down, project work can happen again, including painting. Once that starts, I’ll probably start getting the Batman Miniatures figures.

Frag PVP figures – 5
Arcane Legions – Egyptian Cavalry – 15
Assassinorum: Execution Force - 23
40K Necron Command Barge/Annihilation Barge – 2
40K Necron Battleforce – 31

October figures bought – 76
October figures painted – 0