Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hit-Girl - more refinements / Who-driver

I finished up the pink tubes from the Hit-Girl utility belt. I may touch them up with a second coat of paint but, if not, they are done. I finished stitching the tactical vest for her as well. I may still add some rings on it and maybe some small pouches, if I have time tomorrow night. If not, the only thing I need to do is tape on the knife sheath and maybe make a grenade.

We had made two masks - one to tie in the back, and a shorter one to use with elastics. I finished sewing in the elastics in the shorter one today. This should fit better under the wig.

Today, I started on the sonic screwdriver. I had some oversize pens I had bought at Dollarama. I cut various pieces down and epoxied them back together. I used some of the large plastic clothespins for the fins on the top. I even figured out a way to light it using a finger light and a marble. I won't have time to paint it for tomorrow but it should look pretty good anyway. I just hope it holds together through the afternoon party.

So, all-in-all, a bit of fiddly work to do tomorrow, but I'm in a pretty good spot. So far.


imagiina said...

This looks amazing even if the screwdriver's not painted yet! I Have been trying to make one but have not been able to make it light up. How did you do it?

Anonymous said...

DO you sell the hit girl belt?

David said...

imagiina - I was able to fit the light inside and drilled through the side to access the switch. If I have time I will post a more detailed how-to.

NoelWatson24 - I don't sell the belts. I bought the buckle from Tandy and the vinyl from the fabric store.