Friday, February 26, 2016

January figure painting total

I had ordered a package of laser cut containers for the Batman Miniatures game last year when I ordered the van and they finally came in last month. They looks pretty simple to assemble so I should be able to get them done - eventually.

Batman Miniatures Terrain - Containers – 2

Jan figures bought – 2, figures painted – 0
Running total 2016 – figures bought 2, figures painted 0

Friday, February 12, 2016

Top 100 games - overview

As a thought experiment, creating a top 100 list is interesting. I first took my top 10 games and put them on the list. I then created three groups – upper, mid, and below. Then, starting with classic games and working forward, I put the games into the three groups. As more games filled in, it became pretty easy to decide if I liked one better or worse than another.

Once I had more than 100 games in the list, I kept adding games until I had enough that none of the games in my below group were in my top 100. Depending on how many games you have played, this may be harder for to do. I then waited a bit to see if there were any more games that came to mind.

I don’t have anything published in the last 15 years in my top 10 – with the exception of the newest edition of Ogre and 40K, but the older editions of those would still be in the same spots. A lot of my list consists of older games that have managed to hold their own against the newer games. Some of this is due to nostalgia, even though we may not have played that game in the last 10 years. Actually, almost half of my list, about 45 games, have not been played in over a decade. I have been tracking my plays on since 2006. In that time I have played 164 distinct games for a total of 856 plays.

Some of the newer games on my list may fade as we play them less or they get replaced by even newer games. In checking dates and plays I came across a bunch of games that I had forgotten about so that already has updates to this list.