Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pics followed

I've been going back in and updating some of the 'pics to follow' labeled posts with the pictures. I also went through all the posts that contained pictures and labeled them as such.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Laurentien 60 pack - colors

For those who wondered, and I was one of them, here is the list of colors in the Laurentien 60 pack.
It starts with the colors familiar to us from the 12 pack:
1 - Deep Yellow
2 - Orange
3 - Poppy Red
4 - Cerise
5 - Purple
6 - Navy Blue
7 - Peacock Blue
8 - Emerald Green
9 - Deep Green
10 - Brown
11 - Chestnut
12 - Black

It continues on with the rest of the colors from the 24 pack (albeit a few renamed to more PC-names):
13 - Ultramarine
14 - Soft Peach
15 - Green
16 - French Green
17 - Smoke Grey
18 - Blush Pink
19 - Cherry Red
20 - Arizona Topaz
21 - Roan Red
22 - Sky Magenta
23 - Cotton White
24 - Lemon Yellow

It then continues on with the rest:
25 - True Blue
27 - True Green
28 - Scarlet Red
29 - Lavender
30 - Light Orange
31 - Crimson
32 - Cardinal Red
33 - Tangerine
36 - Raspberry
37 - Grape-violet
38 - Aqua
39 - Ocean Blue
40 - Blue
41 - Blueberry
42 - Celery
43 - Peacock Green
45 - Cinnamon
46 - Tuscan Red
47 - Pastel Green
48 - Dark Brown
49 - Sienna
50 - Light Yellow
52 - Mandarine
53 - Blue-Grey
54 - Dark Grey
55 - Champagne
56 - Azure
57 - Pine Green
58 - Turquoise
59 - True Pink

Then the six metallic colors:
61 - Metallic Rose
62 - Metallic Gold
66 - Metallic Green
67 - Metallic Blue
69 - Metallic Purple
72 - Metallic Silver

I'm not sure what happened to color 26 - which used to be in the old 30 pack. I don't know what it was or why it didn't make the cut for the 60 pack. I am also not sure about any of the other numbers that are skipped over in this set.

Friday, August 27, 2010

poppy red, navy blue, chestnut, lemon yellow

Even after all these years I still remember some of the numbers and colors from the Laurentien pencil crayon box.
3 - Poppy Red
6 - Navy Blue
12 - Black
25 - True Blue

When we saw the ads, we made sure to get two boxes of the 60 packs from Walmart. At $8 each that's a great value for a pack of great memories. The Laurentien packs were always the better pencil crayons - not that I didn't long for the Prismacolors. I finally picked up a set of Prismacolors a few years ago and they are in my pencil box with my sketchbook to this day. But the Laurentiens bring back loads of memories.

I remember not having a Smoke Grey until grade 6 as it came in the 24 pack and not the 12 pack - which meant that I had to color Batman's uniform with a light touch on the Black pencil or a regular pencil. I remember the first time I used an actual Grey pencil and the difference it made. I remember the Poppy Red as being the smallest pencil in my sets, with the Navy Blue close behind.

We went into Walmart and bought two packs. It wasn't until we got home that we saw that they were the 60 packs of Crayolas at $12 instead of the 60 packs of Laurentiens at $8. Even though both my wife and I handled them, our memories overlaid the reality and we saw Laurentiens.
So we had to return them and buy two packs of actual Laurentiens. We also picked up a box of the Crayola 60 pack at Staples for $6 for the kids.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

shopping for school supplies - denied

Much to our chagrin the school the kids go to no longer requires us to buy school supplies. They just want us to send money and they will buy the supplies needed. This vexes Shan as she feels that she can get the supplies cheaper and that we can re-use supplies from previous years.

Both of us have fond memories in buying supplies for school. I recall getting the plaid pencil cases with the edging that would only last a year. I recall the little geometry sets of which we only really used the protractor and the compass - officially. I recall the pencil crayon sets – 24 packs of happiness. I recall the possibilities inherent in a pack of three-hole paper.

Even to this day, whenever I see them on sale, I want to buy three-hole paper. Never mind that, when we married and merged our belongings, I had almost a dozen packages of three-hole paper remaining sealed from a decade prior.

Monday, August 16, 2010

summer break - done

As expected, I didn’t really get everything accomplished on my week off.
I did clear down a bit of the ‘mess’ in the kitchen. I finally returned some empties - I had an empty twelve in the shed and another twelve in the kitchen. I went through a bunch of magazines that Shan had read the week before.

We popped into a Value Village and found a skirt and boots for Gee's costume. I need to dye the skirt but these were two of the big components that I was concerned about.

Then on the weekend, I found my square and cut a bunch of the bases for the western figures and glued the ones I was working on to the bases.

I started to assemble my Deff Dread bits. I don’t have all of the bits to complete one yet but got the torso assembled.

My son pulled out his figures and paints so I started to repaint his Space Wolves.
We even managed to finally watch 24 (2008-2009) off the tapes so now we can start watching 24 off of the DVR. We also finally watched Torchwood: Children of Earth.

I took some pictures with the camera, so will be able to update some of the pictures-to-follow labeled posts shortly.

All-in-all, I’m declaring it a productive week.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

figure (non)painting total - July

In July I really got into buying 40k bits online. Not all have shown up yet though.
I did manage to get:
40K Tau stealth XV25 (in bits) - 3
40K Drop Pod (in bits) - 1

Since I still haven't found my metal t-square to cut the bases, I haven't painted anything. With the new paint from GW, the paint from Dollarama, and next week off I hope to finally add something to the painted column. We'll see how the weather and what Shan has planned for me to do.

July figures bought – 4, figures painted – 0

Running total 2010 – figures bought 87, figures painted 0