Thursday, November 13, 2014

More Tannhauser - nearly complete

I got an offer on a set of Tannhauser that I found hard to pass up. It had been bought at Pendragon’s by a member of the armed forces who was hoping to play with his buddies but then they all got shipped out so he sold it to someone else. It seems to be complete (I’m still going through all the counters to verify) and includes Tannhauser, Novgorod, Daedelus, Hinansho, the equipment pack, the revised rules, the first two novels, and all the figure packs (except Frankenstahl). Originally it was $250 which was a good price but more than I was willing to pay for the remainder I needed.

Then he offered it to me for $150.

I still had to mull it over for a week – I was going to the States and was going to see if they had any available down there. They didn’t, so I picked it up.

It seems in pretty good shape. The previous owner had punched out all the tokens and sleeved the equipment cards and sorted all the tokens into bags. This is actually slowing down verifying the sets as some figure sets had extra tokens for factions or even other characters.

I now have a lot of doubles that I will probably end up packing away. I could sell them but that always seems like a hassle. This way if anything gets damaged or goes missing, I'll already have a spare.