Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hit-Girl update 3

Tuesday had been spent popping in and getting more supplies. I hit the Walmart on Ellice looking for a shorter wig, but didn't find one. I did get some snaps and hockey tape.
I popped in to the Spirit Halloween but was unable to find a wig or suitable gloves. They did have a nice fez for only $5 but I refrained from buying it.
Popping in to Value Village did result in more Viewmasters, plus a nice short wig and some passable gloves.
I was able to pick up some black and some purple broadcloth at my new fabric place.

That evening, G and I were at my folks getting the collar finished on the jacket. It was a slight modification to the pattern so it caused my mom some anxiety. Due to the thickness of the layers of vinyl, it had to be sewn on my dad's machine.

This morning I had a message on the machine from my dad. They had finished the jacket and cape and I went over in the afternoon and we worked out the mask. I just have to finish the eyeholes.

On the way there I popped in to Dollarama and picked up some passable kneepads, a small flashlight, and contact and epoxy glues.

I cut the vinyl for the belt and made two pouches and started two others. They are coming out very nice.

Tomorrow we have to check the skirt and dye the smaller one if it fits over the pants. I have to finish the belt, do some belt tubes, and cut the pvc for the staff. I have to assemble and glue the staff and wrap it in the hockey tape. I have to finish the mask, and see what other weapons we can find.
I'm a bit behind on the staff, but on track with everything else.

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