Friday, September 25, 2015

Game shopping on holidays

For the September long weekend, we were in Thunder Bay. In addition to everything else, we managed to pick up some games as well.

Thunder Games is a deceptive store. It looks tiny from the outside but the door leads to a staircase - with the store downstairs. I picked up some 40K books on sale as well as the two White Dwarf copies I had so much trouble finding (issue 47 + 48) for $5 each. Now I can pull the cards out and still have a nice copy. I also picked up the Haemonculus Covens codex at regular price as well as a few used 40K books that ended up being on sale - Escalation for $36, Stronghold Assault for $25, as well as the new Apocalypse for $44.
I also picked up the rulebook for the Batman Miniature Game. I figured I'd give it a try before I bought the miniatures for it. I can always try it with Heroclix figures before getting the real Knight Model ones.

The other game store was the Gameshelf - attached to a used book store - the Bookshelf. In the Bookshelf I picked up the Iyaden Codex for only $9 as well as some hard to find Serenity RPG books.
At the Gameshelf I was able to get Colt Express, Monsterpocalypse Volton, and even White Dwarf 66 to fill in the last gap. I even picked up the revised Dust Tactics rulebook to see if it's worth picking up the figures.

We even popped in to the Value Village to check it out. Much to my chagrin they had what seems to be the entire set of Time Life: The Old West books. So I picked up nicer copies of 3 books to replace the placeholder versions I have. I now only need the index to complete the collection.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Books read - May to August 2015

Don’t Eat This Book - Fast Food and the Supersizing of America by Morgan Spurlock
Craft Fail by Heather Mann
The Hunger Games: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion by Kate Egan
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – The Official Illustrated Movie Companion by Kate Egan
The Lord of the Rings Weapons and Warfare by Chris Smith
The Practical Guide to Decorative Antique Effects by Annie Sloan
Television Shows That Changed our Lives by People Books

Time Life Books: The Old West – The Ranchers by Ogden Tanner
Child Stars – Then and Now by People Books
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Tannhauser: Rising Sun, Falling Shadows by Robert T. Jeshonek
Warhammer 40,000 (6th Edition) by Adam Troke, Jeremy Vetock, and Matt Ward
Time Life Books: The Old West – The Mexican War by David Nevin

Time Life Books: The Old West – The Women by Joan Swallow Reiten
DK Star Wars: Beware the Sith by Shari Last
DK Star Wars: Mysteries of the Jedi by Elizabeth Dowsett and Shari Last
On Game Design by Chris Crawford
Time Life Books: The Old West – The Canadians by Ogden Tanner
DK Star Wars: The Clone Wars: What is a Sith Warrior? By Glenn Dakin
Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness by Bryan Ansell, Mike Brunton, and Simon Forrest
Osprey Wargames 1: Dux Bellorum: Arthurian Wargaming Rules AD 367 - 793 by Daniel Mersey
Battlestar Galactica Vault: The Complete History of the Series 1978 - 2012 by Paul Ruditis
Osprey Wargames 2: A World Aflame by Paul Eaglestone

Osprey Wargames 4: Ronin – Skirmish Wargames in the Age of the Samurai by Craig Woodfield
Osprey Wargames 5: Of Gods and Mortals by Andrea Sfiligol
Making Magic by Edwin A Dawes & Arthur Setterington
DK The Lego Fan’s Guide
Time Life: The Old West: The Scouts by Keith Wheeler
Paper Towns by John Green
Codex Necrons (5th edition) by Matthew Ward
Remembering Woolworth’s: A Nostalgic History of the World’s Most Famous Five-and-Dime by Karen Plunkett-Powell