Friday, December 19, 2014

Tannhauser - complete

Having had time to go through the Tannhauser deal, it was very complete. It looks like it is missing a few basic tokens from the basic set, like smoke, and fire tokens from the Daedalus but nothing major. I ordered another Daedalus, a Frankenstahl, and an extra Itami (to paint red) to complete my set. I also ordered the last novel – Enigma, and picked up a Sky Full of Stars for Babylon 5 Call to Arms, and a Za! 30 Minutes or Free.

This means that I now have all of the Tannhauser set unless I want to continue into Dust Tactics, and I have crossed another minor item off my Grail List.

We did get a chance to set up Tannhauser at Jimcon and started to play it but, since I always forget that Jimcon only goes to 4pm on Sundays not 6pm, we had to stop before we got into combat. We only had time to pick our load outs and had a few turns of moving before we realized our error. Still it was interesting enough to warrant picking up the remainder. I look forward to playing a full game of this while on holidays after Christmas.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Streamlining games

I’ve been packing away some of the extra games to go to the storage locker. I had a bunch of games on the shelves that we don’t really play often anymore – like Wabbit Wampage and People. Also those that we have a few extra copies of games – like Heroquest and Star Wars Duels as well as multiple versions of the same game – like Monopoly and Clue. By putting these into storage, it streamlines the shelves down to make the games we do play more accessible. Plus it eliminates the stacks of games that are piled around the room.

It doesn’t look nearly as impressive but it also looks less overwhelming. Hopefully, this should make it easier to actually play some of the new games we keep buying as well as try some of the old games I keep getting at the thrift stores. This will help us to see which ones we should keep handy and which ones can also get packed away.