Friday, October 29, 2010

Hit-Girl - finished?

I touched up the tubes on the belt with pink paint. I sewed extra buckles on the tactical vest and made a grenade from a plastic easter egg, a pen bit, some twist ties, and a keyring. I put one of the retractable toy knives in the sheath and taped it down to the tactical vest. I stitched some gun holsters out of the canvas apron and am finishing sewing on the belt loops.

I finished assembling the sonic screwdriver. I added a finger light inside with a switch that allows it to be activated from the body and lights up a marble. I'm not sure how well the epoxy will hold the marble, but we'll see. I haven't got around to painting it however the colors aren't too far off on the bottom pieces. The top pieces definitely will need a splash of silver and brass to look more accurate.

What did the kids wear to school today for their Halloween parties? Gee went as a vampire cheerleader and D3 didn't wear a costume. So why the extra work on Hit-Girl and the Doctor? There is still the comic convention this weekend and trick-or-treating on Sunday.


kimczaj said...


The Hit Girl costume looked amazing!! Thinking about making the costume for my 4 year old. Question on the belt, what did you use to make the pouches on the belt? And what was the paint color used?

Thanks in advance!!

David said...

Kimczaj - The pouches were pink leatherette with the stitches being black cross-stitching floss. The snaps were added to allow the pouches to be used to hold stuff.
The pink paint was craft paint from Dollarama.