Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hit-Girl - refinements

I fixed the bow tie for D3 - by putting in a hook and eye as well as shortening the elastic. I haven't started of the sonic screwdriver though. That may be a Thursday project.

For Hit-Girl, I made three stops on Monday - looking for supplies. At Value Village I picked up a backpack ($3.99) and Cannon pouch ($1.99). At Princess Auto, I picked up a flashlight/knife holder for $1.99. At Dollarama I picked up a pair of lanyards, 2 dog harnesses, 2 trick knives, and a canvas apron.

Today, I cut out the padded straps from the backpack and switched the hardware for that from the lanyards. I used one of the other straps from the backpack to make loops that would connect to the belt we had picked up from Value Village earlier ($3.99). I cut a piece of the canvas apron to make a connection piece in the back to connect the padded straps to the other strap from the backpack to allow it to be adjusted in the back. Although I will probably stitch it down once it has been adjusted, this will allow it to be altered easily if I need to increase the length.

I also did more work on the pink tubes from her regular belt. I finished wrapping the other two and put the small strips around the ends. I will add loops on the back to attach to her belt tomorrow.

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