Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Robert Pasternak - Visual Chew

Our friend Michelle pushed us to go see Robert Pasternak’s Visual Chew exhibit at Martha Street Studio Gallery before it closed. It was pretty neat to see. We took the kids as well. He had some pop-type art as well as other type – a lot of which was at a pretty reasonable price.

He had a lot of small works that were very reasonably priced. We ended up picking up some Micro Dot Monsters for $5. As well, he had two gumball machines – one with Secrets of the Universe for $0.25 each and another for $2 that had a mix of items in it. We really wanted to get some of the Fun Gum so we gave it a try. We only had two twoonies and we got Booklets and Love. The folks at the gallery didn’t have twoonies to make change and didn’t seem super keen to help.

I popped in the next day on the way home, which was the last day of the exhibit to give it another try. I’ve seen Robert before and recognized him in the gallery when I got there. I picked up two more Secrets (I really like the container they came in) and gave the other machine another try. Six tries later, I had War to go with my Love, and five more Booklets. Robert and another patron had come around to see who was using the machine. I mentioned that I had been trying to get some Fun Gum and he took one of my Booklets and swapped it out for the Fun Gum. He asked if that was fine and even offered to buy back some of the others. I said they were great but did switch a second Booklet for some more Fun Gum. We also chatted a bit about his Palettes – he uses an ice cream tub lid for a palette and saved his dried paints for several years.

I first came across Pasternak art with Andrew who used to have a large Nightcrawler painting done by him hanging in his hallway. I’ve seen him a few times at Keycon as well. He also seems quiet and like a nice chap.
Checking him out online, you can get some of his art at his store – most quite reasonably.

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