Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movies - Dragon Training, Titans Clashing, Ass Kicking

We have been able to see a few movies lately.

How to Train Your Dragon - We didn’t read the books but it was still a fun movie. The 3D effects worked well with the flying. It’s well recommended for the family.

Clash of the Titans – I had seen the original and liked it better. We saw it in the faux 3D and found that it was a bit distracting. I hear it’s a bit better without it. The visuals were good, the story okay. I don’t recall any djinns in my Greek myths. All in all, still pretty fun but I recommend seeing without the 3D.

Kick-Ass – was aptly named. This was a very fun movie with a lot of good nods to us comic book fans. We’re big fans of Hit-Girl – now we have to see how we can make a costume for G for the conventions. Big Daddy looks like it would be more trouble – upon further detailed study the boots could be tricky.

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