Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lost - I want my six years back

We've been watching Lost since the first season when they crashed on the island. We watched the finale. We watched the extra preshow, and even watched the Jimmy Kimmel Live afterwards.

We knew that they couldn’t wrap up all the questions they had created in a final two hours – since they hadn’t really answered most of them all season.
But to have what I consider a bad, St Elsewhere snowglobe / Dallas dream-in-a-shower ending was bad writing. Especially since the writers had already come out early in season 1 or 2 and said that the characters were not dead already.

Some people said the island was them trying to change and when they did they could die and move on. We would be willing to believe that – but then Sawyer had redeemed himself a few times – jumping out of the helicopter, time with Julia, etc and was still around. The writers just didn’t want to get rid of the character.

And if all the island stuff was real – how do you explain the smoke, the light, Richard not aging, Darma, etc? I’m still leaning towards bad writing.

See I think they had the idea have the characters die and move on but when it took off, then they realized that they had to pad out the stories. That’s why they kept introducing new characters – the tailies, the others, Darma, the islanders.
They knew 2 years ago that they had two years to wrap it up. This is what they did instead.

The writers always said ‘if we give away the secret it will ruin the story’. To me, that sounds like bad writing – if your story hinges on a secret twist, and can’t be enjoyed by knowing that twist, then it’s not that good a story. See Identity – you can figure out the twist in the opening credits if you pay attention. If not, they tell you 2/3s of the way in. Knowing either way doesn’t affect the story.
Memento had a twist – but the story itself is compelling even placed in proper order.
Watching The Village knowing when it takes place doesn’t affect the story.

Would people have watched Lost knowing all the characters were already dead – doubtful. If the characters were not already dead, then there are too many unexplained events about the island to make sense – and that have not been resolved.

We knew we were in trouble when they showed the recap show at the beginning of the season to bring those others up to speed for the final season, and then they didn’t even mention Michael or Walt, any of the Tailies, or Russo.
All of which were huge points during the seasons they were in.


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