Monday, May 31, 2010

'New' Codex syndrome?

It may be the ‘new’ codex syndrome – having just read their codices, but the Tau look like they would be fun to paint and play. I like the look of the Kroot and the Crisis suits seem interesting. I’m not going to rush out and get them but they remain on my ‘interested’ list.

I read the Eye of Terror last week. The Space Wolves 13th Company looks like fun as well. How could you not like werewolf marines?

The Necrons also caught my interest back when they came out. Since the only Warhammer army I could field is my Undead one, I like the idea of undead in space – either in Terminator metal or ceramic white.

The Demonhunters book looks good too. A small dynamic force of figures to paint – inquisition, grey knights, demonhosts. It looks like fun. Again, not sure how it would actually play though – so on to my ‘interested’ list.

While these codices aren’t ‘new’ as such, they are new to me. I have seen the figs and had lots of time to mull them over already. Should I find time (and funding) I will probably pick up a few of them.

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