Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Too hot

I don’t handle the heat well. It’s probably left-over from when I was hyperthyroidial and it always felt about 10 degrees warmer to me. If the temperature starts to edge above 26 degrees Celsius then I’m not doing well. Above 32 degrees and I’m really tired and cranky.

With the warm weather that we’ve been having lately, I haven’t been getting much done beyond trying to clear down our PVR enough to upgrade to a larger model. We would have upgraded as soon as they became available but you lose anything recorded on the old PVR when the new model is added.  We want to be switched over before the new season starts.

While not doing the major renovations, we are still looking at having some work done. We’re getting estimates for fixing the roof, the tub surround, and adding an air conditioner. As always, dealing with contractors is a varied experience – with some more reliable than others. It is proving to be an interesting time.

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