Friday, August 31, 2012

GW and Mark - both good in my books

I had let a few issue of White Dwarf 391 pass by on ebay because Mark from the local GW was seeing what he could do. Since they have me as a subscriber for the last 4 years they said that they would look around for one. I’ve been subscribing for over 10 years but they have passed the information from UK to US to Canada and back as the printing of the issues has changed. Mark has already been great in this matter so anything more would be outstanding. In calling him back he said that they were able to find a copy and had mailed it to me.

This is beyond anything I could have expected. Many people are down on Games Workshop for being an evil, money-grubbing corporation but they have certainly done more than right by me in this matter. Mark’s help in this is even better – if only they were more local I would certainly patronize it more.

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