Friday, August 10, 2012

40K - sixth time's a charm?

I have been putting off teaching the boy 40K as there was a new edition pending. The 4th edition boxed set, Battle For Macragge had a nice tutorial for teaching new player, but by the time he had the set the 5th edition was out. We got busy and I kept meaning to go through the tutorial and use the basis with the new rules but never found the time.

Now that the 6th edition has finally come out, I think it is time to teach him the rules for the Grim Dark Future.

Of course, I will need to get a copy of the rules first – but they are on my short list. I might wait and see what the boxed set for 6th edition contains first. I’m also still looking to get a copy of the 5th edition hardcover as well now that they have come down.

I’ll also need to verify the codices – I still have two from 2nd edition that are still unaccounted. I have all the codices from the 3rd edition, and only need 4 from the 4th edition and the last 4 from the 5th edition.

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