Friday, March 4, 2011

Fig painting total - Feb

I was doing fine for figures bought this year – with nothing I purchased in January completing any sets and only 11 sets completed in February – until I came across some farm animal sets in BJ Super Toy Sales. I’ve been looking for 1/35 horses and cattle for the upsized RWNN and haven’t been able to find any at Dollarama or Michael’s. At $1.50 a bag, it was worth picking up two bags to see what was usable.

It was a good find – with 2 horses (1 foal), 3 cattle (1 calf), 3 pigs, 3 sheep (1 lamb), and a goat. 5 to 10 bags should give enough head of cattle to simulate a decent herd come to town, enough horses, and even enough sheep to make a cattle/sheep war viable. Especially if I can find the bags for less.

Also, I’m hoping to use these figures to hone my painting skills for the regular figures.

40K Battlewagon (in bits) – 1
40K Carnifex (in bits) – 1
40K Raveners (in bits) – 3
40K Tyranid Warriors (in bits) – 6
2 sets Farm Animals (1/35 scale) - 24
Feb figures bought – 35, figures painted – 0

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