Friday, March 25, 2011

Renovation plans – there is another

I had the day off yesterday and had my eyes checked. It’s been 6 years since my last visit – the optometrist gave me warning about glaucoma and said I need to come more often. But my eyes are fine. My prescription has improved again slightly – one of the benefits of being myopic in my youth – as my eyes age and my lens flatten out, my eyes get better.

I met Shan for lunch and went to Dairy Whip (had a Fatboy, Fries and Chilli – hmm, happy belly). While there, Shan came up with a third option for upgrades. We could still do the second floor changes (extra bedroom and bathroom), and part of the wing (basement and game room), deck, roof, siding, etc. We would skip the extra bedroom over the game room.

Hopefully our numbers come in okay for everything.
If not, we still have this option which includes my workshop, gameroom, and Shan’s deck. As a second choice, this should crunch through the numbers and still give us what we need.
Otherwise, the second floor only addition should clear the numbers as a last resort.

Interesting times.

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