Monday, February 28, 2011

Laptop - finally?

I got a bit of a bonus so I'm going to put it to buying a laptop. I'm hoping to be able to save up the remainder by the end of March.
My needs are low - I'm looking for a minimum of 15", wireless, 2GB RAM, 250 GB HD, and a decent video card. I'm hoping to keep the cost under $400. I've got my eye on a few models that should work.

With these requirements, I can finally play Hellgate:London, Dawn of War, and City of Villains. As well as finally being able to be online while watching TV. I'll probably load Diablo (and Diablo II) on it as well so my son and I can play online together.

It's been quite a few years coming but now I am so close.

Shan had picked up an old laptop from work - but it didn't have wireless and she wrecked the one usb port because she left the trackball plugged in it. Plus, it was 'hers' and we didn't get to play with it much.

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