Monday, March 21, 2011

Road Trip - Gimli

We used to know when we getting near to Gimli when we could see the distillery.

Gimli used to be a little community about an hour north of Winnipeg. Over the last decade or so, it has had some real growth. While there is still a lot of people using it as a cottage town, there are also a lot of people living there year-round. They still have a movie theatre and a lot of restaurants for their population.

They have done extensive upgrades to the beach area. They still have the big wall to calm the waters of the Lake Winnipeg for the Harbour and for fishing. They have moved around some of the big monuments including the plane that used to be at the end of the main street.

The Viking has been around for many years, and is now tucked away in his new location.

They run the Icelandic days festival in the late summer and have recently added a waterpark to their main park.

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