Monday, September 20, 2010


Gee’s Hit-Girl costume is coming together. We got a belt and a wig to use. We found a pattern for the pants and jacket and found dye. We still need to find fabric for the pants and jacket, find gloves, dye the skirt, make a mask, cape, and weapons. Time is getting close but I still feel we are in a good spot.

We had been toying with plans for a family costume for Valleycon but didn’t get around to working on them. Unless everything falls into place over the next few weeks, we will have to put them off until next year.

D3 has decided to be the new Doctor. We’ve got a close suit jacket and found suspenders. We need pants, shirt, bow tie, a fez (Fezes are cool!), and maybe a sonic screwdriver. He is sure that none of his friends watch the show, but at least he decided. He had been thinking of wearing one of the family costumes but, since that probably won't happen, he'll go as the Doctor.

Unless, of course, they change their minds at the last minute. Gee is already torn between being the Hitgirl costume we are working on, or a cowgirl, or maybe a vampire. Part of the reason I delay getting started on these if because they have a tendency to change their minds at the last minute.

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