Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New fabric store

We did some fabric shopping last night. We popped into Marshall / Northwest Fabrics at 575 Berry St. I have found my new fabric place! When Fanny’s Fabrics closed years ago, I have had to make due with the meager selection at Walmart and Fabricland.

I hate Fabricland. Not only are the aisles tight and the selection poor, but they stand their fabrics up to display – which makes them very tippy. Plus they change out their fabrics seasonally - which makes it hard to spandex or fleece year-round.

Marshall had a nice big selection, with good signage. They have a policy of minimum cut of 1 meter – which is a bit annoying when you only need a bit of material – but all-in-all I was quite pleased. Plus, they are open late on Wednesdays and Thursdays - until 8pm (Monday - Tuesday and Friday - Saturday until 6pm).

We bought 3 ½ meters of purple vinyl (for costume), 1 meter of a pink vinyl (for pouches), 1 meter of red felt (for fez). We also bought some zippers.

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