Friday, June 25, 2010


Maybe because I’m reading through the 40K Cityfight rules right now, but when a deep rumbling woke me from my sleep the first thought that flashed through my kickstarting-from-sleep brain was ‘tanks’. The next instant awareness fully synched up and I realized it was one of the happy sounds of summer – the mosquito fogging truck. Gleefully, I went around closing the bedroom windows.

Most places get mosquitoes to some degree but we often get them bad. It may have to do with the clay/mud soil or the wet springs but often they can swarm in larger size and numbers than I have seen in other areas. My sister was in for the reunion last weekend from BC – she confirms this.

We do use larvacide and they have introduced dragonflies to help cut down on the populations but neither seem to work as well as a good dousing of malathion. There is a bit of controversy about the buffer zones people are allowed to request around their houses but when it becomes bad, or the threat of west nile virus increases, these are overridden.

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