Friday, June 18, 2010

D3 - Life lesson

We’ve told the kids not to take legos out to play in the car – there are so many tiny pieces that are so easy to get lost. Like most of the advice we tell them, they don’t always listen to it.

So it finally happened.

On Monday, he was carrying a Bionicle (Brutaka) from the car to the house in his hat (for some reason) and one of the gold leg covers bounced out and fell behind the stairs to the side door. Shan tried to get it out but couldn’t. When I came home I tried but couldn’t even see it. I was hampered by the fact that none of the drawer full of flashlights currently give off more than a faint yellow glow.
Shan told him it should be a ‘life lesson’ and that he shouldn’t buy a replacement. He naturally thought otherwise.

Checking online, bricklink doesn’t have any Brutaka parts at all. Ebay does have two sets – one at $56 and one at $226 – both currently a bit high to replace one missing piece.
I have a few more ideas to try – the concrete stairs seem to be undercut on the side against the house and it must have bounced under or been knocked under in subsequent rescue attempts. If I still can’t get it, I have a few other options I will try. Otherwise, he has a reminder on his wall to look for it when renovations happen and the stairs are removed.

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