Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The kids got a bird feeder this summer and had been feeding the birds (and squirrels) until fall. The bag of seed for the feeder had been kept in the shed. My daughter later tells me that she had ripped the bag with her kick stand of her bike. When the wife put some of the new summer items from Christmas in the shed she found two frozen mice. So now it’s my problem to solve.

I swept out the seeds in front and added warfarin to the list of things to get at Walmart. When I got some I checked out the shed again. The seeds had been spread across the entire floor. I pulled out lawn mower and bikes and swept out the seeds from the back corners as well. I put some warfarin in the corners and was sweeping in between some racks when this foot-long brown creature goes shooting out the door.

To my credit, I did not shriek like a girl. Shan was watching from the house and can verify. But I did have get out of the shed for a moment to work through a shiver. I had been watching for small grey shapes scurrying around when sweeping but the squirrel that had made its home in our shed was a bit of a surprise to say the least.

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