Monday, January 18, 2010

in Hot Water?

I was woken by my wife on Saturday morning with the news that we had water in our basement. It didn’t seem to be the sewer or even melting snow. It turns out it was the water heater leaking. Luckily we still had hot water to shower but we had to get a guy out to check it.

Short version – we have a new water heater and another $1000 added to our renovation bills. We had been thinking about replacing it when we added a second bathroom but would have hoped it would have lasted until then.

On the up side, in moving the whole shelf of boxes out of the way so they could access the heater and then moving all the boxes back, I was able to gain a little more space on the shelf. This helped to absorb some of the new games from Christmas.
The down side is that that $1000 hit will have a major impact on my game fund as well as our costume plans for this year.

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