Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 Figure painting total

In October I picked up:
5 Ork Stormboyz
Klingon D-7 model
Oct figures bought – 7, figures painted – 0

Nothing happened in November but in Dec I got:
2 Ork Defkopters
5 Ork Nobs
Marine Commander
10 Goblin spider riders
Warhammer boxed set - 119 figures
40K boxed set - 46 figures
Arachnids – 3 Hoppers, 3 Blaster/Blister bugs
Dec figures bought – 190, figures painted – 0

I wasn't doing too bad until December. I never did get around to painting anything at all this year. Since Christmas though, I have partially assembled the Droppod and defkopters, and cleaned a bunch of the figures. I am very hopefull that I will be able to paint something soon and with this batch added to my pile, I should have a better showing in 2010.

For the end of the year, my total is 331 figures purchased, 0 figures painted. It seems a bit disappointing until you think about all those figures acquired.

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