Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Passport to adventure?

Since we don’t really travel beyond our borders except for the occasional trip down to Fargo, I never needed a passport. The one time I flew, to Vegas for the GAMA Trade Show, was back in 2000 so we didn’t need passports yet.

When the requirements came around for greater security when crossing the border by car, instead of getting a passport, I opted for an Enhanced ID card. Besides being cheaper, it was much more convenient to get. With the RFID chip and the sleeve to block the RFID signal, I don’t usually keep the card with me – and opted not to change my Driver’s License over to one that included the Enhanced ID.

I only use the Enhanced ID when I cross into the States and don’t use it the rest of the year. I had neglected to check last year after we got back and didn’t notice that it had expired.

When I went to renew it, I was told that it was too late to renew it and that I would have to go down and re-apply again – meaning that I wouldn’t get my card back in time to go to the states last weekend. Frustrating – but totally my fault.

So I had to rush to apply for a passport and then rush downtown to drop it off and pay extra for the faster service to ensure it was here it time. I had to pop down last Thursday to get it.

So, what do I get in the mail last week Tuesday? An Enhanced ID. The renewed one that they said they couldn’t do in time and without me having to go down and re-interview.

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