Friday, November 9, 2012

New tub surround

Bathfitters came out and did manage to change out the tub surround in one day. The removed the old surround and some of the drywall where it had gotten wet through the cracks in the old surround.
I was concerned that it would have had mold in behind to the insulation but it didn’t penetrate that far. They replaced the drywall with greenboard and put in the new surround.

Because it now goes up to the ceiling and the doors are higher, it makes it seem a bit tighter in the shower but it’s not really. The surround also covers the tub itself and has a grid in the bottom to prevent slipping. They didn’t put back the vent cover but that was easy to finish. They replaced the hot and cold taps with one combined tap (which I don’t like) and the shower doesn’t have the power that it used to.

But even with that, they did a great job. They were very tidy and neat and the finished work is very nice. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who needs a change.

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