Friday, October 5, 2012

AC done - as such

The first project done was the air conditioning. We had looked at Furnasman as they had put in our furnace but their quote was very high – almost $7000. Shan got a quote from Sears that was under $4000 so she went with that.

The boy and I had to clear out the wall of shelves so that they could have easy access to the furnace as well as clean out the laundry room. They came on Wednesday and so far have not impressed us.

Shan’s not happy with where they put the outside unit – as it will severely cut into her deck-space. They didn’t use the hole that was already there but instead drilled a new hole in the wall to the outside unit.

Instead of going above the ceiling like we requested, and were charged more for, they attached the tubing underneath the ceiling. They also had trouble attaching the wiring to the thermostat and took off (and left off) the door moulding and cut two holes in the wallpaper. They also left the wire connected along the outside of the wall.

My brother came over and fished a wire through the wall for them to use so that when they came back the next day they were able to pull it up behind the wall using that. He didn’t repair the holes as ‘he was just the electrician not the installer’.

To recap, inconvenient spot for the outside unit, wrong placement of the wiring/tubing downstairs, and holes left in the walls but a savings of about $3000 - so annoying but barely passable. We’ll be able to better judge based on how it performs next summer.

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