Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fence me in?

The fence and deck is the next project. We made sure to get the Call Before You Dig people to check over the area and have no pipes to watch out for. We even told the neighbors on both sides about it. We have burned down the wood piled against the fence and have cleared away anything that had been against the fence so that they can work.

Gee wanted to take down the old deck so we started on the weekend and managed to remove all the decking – leaving the stairs and supports. We could have done more but we’re taking out the nails as we go.

We’ve got Bathfitters scheduled to come next week and change the tub surround. We popped into Revy and Shan picked out her new counter and has been looking at faucets. She’s still booking a date with the flooring people. She’s picked the new kitchen door to the deck – they said that they can book that anytime. She also picked out the shingles with the roofers but they haven’t booked a date yet.

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