Friday, August 27, 2010

poppy red, navy blue, chestnut, lemon yellow

Even after all these years I still remember some of the numbers and colors from the Laurentien pencil crayon box.
3 - Poppy Red
6 - Navy Blue
12 - Black
25 - True Blue

When we saw the ads, we made sure to get two boxes of the 60 packs from Walmart. At $8 each that's a great value for a pack of great memories. The Laurentien packs were always the better pencil crayons - not that I didn't long for the Prismacolors. I finally picked up a set of Prismacolors a few years ago and they are in my pencil box with my sketchbook to this day. But the Laurentiens bring back loads of memories.

I remember not having a Smoke Grey until grade 6 as it came in the 24 pack and not the 12 pack - which meant that I had to color Batman's uniform with a light touch on the Black pencil or a regular pencil. I remember the first time I used an actual Grey pencil and the difference it made. I remember the Poppy Red as being the smallest pencil in my sets, with the Navy Blue close behind.

We went into Walmart and bought two packs. It wasn't until we got home that we saw that they were the 60 packs of Crayolas at $12 instead of the 60 packs of Laurentiens at $8. Even though both my wife and I handled them, our memories overlaid the reality and we saw Laurentiens.
So we had to return them and buy two packs of actual Laurentiens. We also picked up a box of the Crayola 60 pack at Staples for $6 for the kids.

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