Tuesday, August 24, 2010

shopping for school supplies - denied

Much to our chagrin the school the kids go to no longer requires us to buy school supplies. They just want us to send money and they will buy the supplies needed. This vexes Shan as she feels that she can get the supplies cheaper and that we can re-use supplies from previous years.

Both of us have fond memories in buying supplies for school. I recall getting the plaid pencil cases with the edging that would only last a year. I recall the little geometry sets of which we only really used the protractor and the compass - officially. I recall the pencil crayon sets – 24 packs of happiness. I recall the possibilities inherent in a pack of three-hole paper.

Even to this day, whenever I see them on sale, I want to buy three-hole paper. Never mind that, when we married and merged our belongings, I had almost a dozen packages of three-hole paper remaining sealed from a decade prior.

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