Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We are now an army!

My marine army – Dead Heads – can be fielded as basic marines or Space Wolves. I have two Tactical squads, a Devastator squad, about a dozen Terminators, a Scout squad, 2 old Dreadnaughts, 2 old Rhinos, an old Predator, and an old Land Raider. The vehicles are a bit beaten up and would need a bit of repair but are fieldable.

For Tyranids, I have a Hive Tyrant, 2 Carnifexes, a Zoanthrope, 8 Tyranid Warriors, a Biovore and spore mines, lots of Gaunts, a Genestealer Patriarch (Broodlord), and over 30 Genestealers.

For both of these armies I have a lot more figures, but this is what I could reasonably expect to find and be able to field.

My son is starting a Space Wolves army (I’m so proud) – he has a Captain, Tactical squad, Razorback, and a Dread. My wife has the beginnings of a Sisters of Battle army – she has a Battle Squad, Exorcist, Penitent Engine, and a few individual figures.
I would have to dig them out and paint them, but I have enough troops for an Imperial Guard army (with sentinels but no tanks – except an old White Dwarf Baneblade and the new plastic Baneblade) and a decent Ork army which would also need to be found and painted. I only have the Dark Eldar from the old boxed set, a few Necron figures, and probably enough Eldar Guardians and Harlequins to field – if they were painted. I also have enough Squat bikers to field – if they were painted and there was a codex for them.

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