Thursday, April 8, 2010

Towards basing and painting

While not actually achieving anything (no surprise) I am slowly working closer to getting some of the western figures finished. On Mar 26 I popped into Michaels and picked up some basswood for basing the figures. I already have some 1/8 but it looks too thick. I had a sheet of 1/16 but that seemed a bit too thin. They had some 3/32 which seemed like it will be just right. I picked up a sheet and picked up another sheet this week as well - both bought using my handy-dandy Michale's coupons.

I still have to check if I can fit them easily on a 1" square base, otherwise I might have to use a 1.25" square base. The plastic figures are quite light so I should be okay and not have to worry too much about them tipping over.

Once I cut out some bases I can hot glue the figures down, and finish off some of the ones I started.

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