Thursday, April 1, 2010

2010 Books read Jan - Mar

Ventriloquism for Dummies by John Wing
The Templars: The secret history revealed by Barbara Frale
Sculpting Mythical Creatures out of Polymer Clay by Dinko and Boris Tilov
Sit, Ubu, Sit by Gary David Goldberg
Ace of Cakes: inside the World of Charm City Cakes by Duff Goldman and Willie Goldman
Step by Step Art School: Watercolour by Patricia Monahan
Ventriloquism from A to Z by Douglas Craggs
Ventriloquism Made Easy by Kolby King
Toy Monster: The Big, Bad Word of Mattel by Jerry Oppenheimer
Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke

Ventriloquism Made Easy – How to Talk to your Hand without Looking Stupid by Paul Stadelman and Bruce Fife
Comics and Sequential Art – Principles and Practices from the Legendary Cartoonist by Will Eisner
Expressive Anatomy – Principles and Practices from the Legendary Cartoonist by Will Eisner
Bring Me That Horizon – the Making of Pirates of the Caribbean by Michael Singer
Starship Trooper RPG pocket edition by August Hahn
Watchmen the Film Companion by Peter Aperlo
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Visual Guide by Richard Platt

Ventriloquism for the Total Dummy by Dan Richard with Katherine Moloney
Chess – A Celebration of 2000 years by Roswin Finkenzeller, Wilhelm Ziehr, Emil M. Buhrer
Who Was That Masked Man? – The Story of the Lone Ranger by David Rothel
Gunsmoke Years by John Peel
Mixed-Media Collage Jewelry by Janette Schuster
Starship Troopers RPG Mobile Infantry Field Manual by Matthew Sprauge
Bonanza: The Definitive Ponderosa Companion by Melany Shapiro
G.I.JOE VS COBRA – The Essential Guide by Pablo Hidalgo
Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me by Jesse Ventura with Dick Russell
The Second City Unscripted by Mike Thomas

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