Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shed Clean Sweep

On Sunday we got into the shed and did a clean sweep, of sorts. We took everything out and swept everywhere, and sifted most of it back. We cleaned out two garbage cans of items.
We found no more mice – but all the warfarin I had put down was gone. There was evidence of their presence though – rattan mats had been nibbled, a nerf football had been hollowed, all the tissues from a box had been moved to the other side of the shed.
It took a good three hours to clean the shed as well as bag all the leaves that Shan raked out of the flowerbeds.
On the upside, we do have a bit more room and there wasn’t a mass exodus of living vermin or even evidence of dead vermin. On the downside, we got rid of a box of old patio lights that would have been good for scenery – at some future point.

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