Friday, October 23, 2009

Valleycon recap

We managed to get down to Valleycon last weekend. None of our friends went so it wasn’t a great time but still pretty good. At least I didn’t lose a camera this year.
The kids weren’t in the costume contest this year and were missed – by the nice person at the registration desk.

The guest, Peter Jurasik, played Londo Mollari on Babylon 5 and also Crom from Tron. He was very personable and friendly. He was very much more like the Crom character – quiet and approachable. I suppose it is a testament of just how good an actor he is that I never associated the two characters as being played by the same person. As Mollari, I always assumed the actor himself was louder and had an accent.

I had hoped to get some more KODTs, Monsterpocalypse singles, or even some Starship Troopers modules. I did get a Baneblade (for Christmas) and Ork Stormboys for 40% off. I also got West End’s Escape from the Death Star and GW Space Fleet as well as TSR Battle System 2nd edition and Skirmishes.

I was also able to get 2 Jango Fett guns - so I can work at a Jango Fett costume after all. For another year anyways.

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