Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pre-halloween blahs?

I'm not sure what's up with us this year. We just can't get into the Halloween spirit. Maybe it was the early snow, or the fact that we still haven't put away the pool yet, or maybe because I'm not working on costumes until the last moment. Either way, we're just a bit behind. Maybe it's just the coughing going through the rest of the household.

We've got the inside of the house decorated - G was up on doing that at the beginning of October, but then we stalled on decorating up the yard. We still haven't even gotten the skeletons in the tree or the fencing. We might do a bit of an light year - no tombstones.

I should be able to get Scarecrow Jack out there - he's pretty easy to complete. Jack Skelington is still in pieces - I have to see if I can go out tomorrow and get the stuff to fix his armature.

We did jack-o-lanterns tonight. Even there, Shan and I weren't struck with inspiration at first.

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