Friday, November 7, 2008

Valleycon - postdate

So, back from holidays. I had last week off up to Tuesday of this week. I was able to finish the costumes for Halloween and they wore them at Valleycon. Another shared win for them both in the children's catagory.
I ended up wearing my Captain Hammer Saturday night but not going into the costume contest - it seems I left the boots back in the city and they already had a Horrible/Penny/Capt Hammer group (both guys had goatees though).

We got a picture from Tracy Scoggins - she seemed very nice to talk to - quite the sci-fi keener.

I did get a few games - finally got some Monsterpocalpse, the Serenity RPG, and Starship Troopers miniture rules.

Downside - it seems that I have lost my digital camera. I've had no luck tracking it down and can't even narrow down when it was lost. Major drat - I was really enjoying taking progress pics of the projects.
The one upside - I had transfered the pictures on the card to disc last week so only really lost the Halloween decoration pictures and the Valleycon pictures. Still annoying though.

(no picts to follow)

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