Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Countdown to candy day!

Here we are in October already, and I don’t have any big costume projects on the go yet. We have a few minor ones that I’m working at for G/L‘s party but nothing really big. Of course, that could change at any time – I do have three and a half weeks to play with. I expect my kids will change their minds between now and then and I’ll have to spend late nights working away. I suppose we’ll see.

I usually book off the week leading up to Halloween just in case. Also to do any more yard decorations. The tree seems to be holding up one more year. His one hand is starting to fall apart – it should hold up for this year but will probably need to be fixed next year. I also need to fix the framework for Jack. If all else holds up, I can always make a few more tombstones.

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